Bluetooth signal shielding device to be used in the examination

When taking part in the exam, the candidates should bring their own stationery. You are not allowed to bring anything other than the exam regulations. The test room will be equipped with silent wall clock, candidates are not allowed to wear watches to participate in the test, the time indicator of the wall clock is not used as the test time signal, only for candidates to grasp the time for reference, the test time will be subject to the test site unified signal.

In addition, the examinee must arrive at the specified examination room gate 30 minutes before the beginning of each section, and actively cooperate with the invigilator for the entrance security check. Take the designated seat after the security check.

Reporter learned that in 2018, the national postgraduate admission examination subject examination paper online marking, the answer to the candidates have strict requirements, including the specific requirements of all the national examination subject examinee answer all use black writing pen, coated card all use 2B pencil; Answer questions in the designated areas of the test paper, and in the test paper, the answer sheet in the designated position of the correct paste of the test paper bar code and bar code, carefully and clearly fill in the name, candidate number and other information.

Statistical data shows, nearly two years, I save each sign up for an examination each year the examinee amount of master graduate student of unit of each recruit students admits to enter oneself for an examination of countrywide each year is about 50 thousand. All the admission examinations for 2018 postgraduate students in our province will be conducted in standardized examination rooms. All the examination rooms will use electronic wifi jammer such as radio signal shield and radio earphone detector.

The provincial education examination institute reminds that as the national postgraduate admission examination is approaching, some criminals in the society take advantage of the mentality of some examinees who want to take a shortcut, and use the Internet and other tools to send out harmful information such as “help the examination”, “provide the real exam” and selling cheating tools. To this, examinee should enhance differentiate ability, do not want credulous “help take an examination of an organization” false propaganda.