I heard that there is a voice that interferes with eavesdropping, is that true

The voice exists that interferes with eavesdropping


More precisely, it is a jamming machine and a jamming machine, a technology called “scrambling”. It is this jamming, but it has become popular with the general public when the cell phone has become popular.


Jamming is a machine that interferes with radio waves used in communication devices such as mobile phones. When this interference is done, it interferes with radio waves from mobile phones located some distance from the device.


Familiar locations where interference is used include concert halls, cinemas and hospitals where mobile phone use is restricted.


Recently, jamming equipment has been installed around bank ATMs and is often used to prevent wire fraud and so on. There may be many people who are well informed by the news.


And this jamming is an effective preventive measure for wiretapping using radio waves.


Jamming can also block eavesdropping


You can use scrambling to block the listening. Several scrambling machines are commercially available and can be purchased by the general public.


And, machines that jam can be divided into two types.


Type that intercepts and blocks radio waves

Type that makes it difficult to hear the voice


There are two types of phone scrambler: a type that blocks and interferes with radio waves and a type that makes it difficult to understand the voice. You can use either to block eavesdropping.


A single scrambling machine, as large as a room in an apartment, can protect your privacy from eavesdropping. It can therefore be expected to be an inexpensive way to prevent eavesdropping.


However, you need to be aware of a few points with this method of preventing interference.


Notes on the use of jamming


It can not completely prevent interception

We mentioned earlier that there are two types of scrambling machines, but even if you use both types, you can not completely prevent listening.

The jamming equipment that the general public can buy has considerably limited performance, and the type that blocks and prevents radio waves interferes with radio waves up to 2.4 Ghz, but can not disturb radio waves beyond .

In addition, the type that makes it difficult to hear the voice does not mean that it is possible to completely extinguish your own voice simply by making it difficult to hear as the name suggests.

You may need a license to use a scrambling device

There is a model that sends a cell phone jammer. To be able to use this type of powerful jamming radio, you can only handle it if you are licensed by a third-class specialized terrestrial radio technician.

There are heavy penalties for violating the radio law when they are qualified by the Jamming model and used by an unlicensed person.


Even if I blocked to intercept the spying, it would interfere with the communication of the mobile phone, so it would be difficult or difficult to hear the communication using the phone. There is a risk of touching people.

You can not get stuck in commercial facilities or public transportation

If you block in a commercial facility or public transportation, you are breaking the law on radio.

Even if the use of a mobile phone on a bus or train is a violation of morals, you should not carry jamming equipment in the car and use it only to avoid it.

Some people plan to install jamming at home or in the office as a crime prevention measure to prevent eavesdropping, but remember there is a limit to where to install the jamming and to where the interference can be used.