The importance of subway signal jammers

Last time we have a topic, why not call the gas station, now let’s focus on the subway.

Subway density of mobile phone users is so big, when almost every passenger during the training will play a mobile phone. Solutions form a great signal at each subway station to disrupt the magnetic field, can obstruct the entire program control instructions for subway operation it is a big risk and threat. But I think it’s impossible to get a radiocommunication service license, you know that will reduce the profits. In fact, the Shenzhen Metro is still going by radio refused. They use a good measure — the best signal jammers. In subway trains running in the mobile phone signal is the main job of signal jammers.

In early 2012, Shenzhen Metro Group found the problem, and apply to the Shenzhen Communications Authority, 3G shutdown signal and WiFi in all Shenzhen subway lines. Because the system by an unknown source of attack, many lines are an emergency brake underground. We had to activate the automatic protection function, we do not drive the operation too fast. Incident has raised public concern about the safe operation of the subway.

After the study, they discovered the real reason. Can use the same passenger information Metro WIFI portable channel interfere with each other. We know that most smartphones can be configured to send WiFi devices. Although CASCO Signal System is the most advanced CBTC company, the most secure and efficient, hard to say, you know the speed of this highly developed technology, the CBTC system could bring new wireless transmission equipment new problems.

Back Signal Jammers, One – 8 Antenna 28.5W Power Wifi GPS VHF UHF LoJack 3G 4G Omni-Band Tunable Signal Blocker, Disable, Cheap GPS Jammer and WiFi Signals. Most smart phones use 3G and 4G networks and Wifi Bluetooth. The call will be prohibited in case of death and basic operation – in a direct way to remain safe CBTC system. In fact, the need always the authorization of the relevant departments, in any case it is possible to solve the problem is not the business of a wireless telecommunications company.