Are jammers now the best tool of the runner

After all, there are now the great WiFi benefits. And such a jammer disturbs even WiFi signals. Conversely, of course, that also applies. In view of the availability and the costs of cell phone jammers: Is now every group plant equipped with jammers in continuous operation? By WiFi advantage, such a jammer can indeed leave individual frequencies open. In so far only everything needs to be disturbed, which does not belong to the frequency catalog of the plant and can be hacked (wireless at least), since the WiFi frequencies of the hacker are disturbed.

that doesnot make any well-thought-out impression in my healthy brain and I strongly doubt that the authors have ever thought anything out …

But yes, jammers are now realtiv powerful, and I have long been of the opinion that these Wifiboni fall in a large extent of the cases to nice to have but not really necessary, so you just do without it in favor of security.

So reaction improvement (which swaps individual vertebrae) and reflex boosters (implanted in “strategic locations” throughout the body) can only communicate with each other via WiFi, for example. This is of course completely meaningless, but alone this one WiFi advantage makes the jammer times extremely strong.