How can I protect my children from modern problems

I have a daughter who is getting her license this week and she is a big texter! I am extremely concerned she will be texting while driving. Is there anything I can put in her car discretely to block her from texting while driving? Thanks!

US Secretary of Transportation in his breakfast show, said: “There are signs that can disable many mobile phone technologies, we discover this is a way, but you must have good laws, you must have good law enforcement, you must be responsible in the end. ».

LaHood said last year while driving, a text message or phone has caused nearly 5,500 dead and nearly half a million were injured. To raise public awareness, the DOT launched a new online campaign called “Ram deviation face,” the victim to make such a simple mistake how they change their lives.

First of all, read three articles from our blog about the easiest way to avoid car crashes, mobile phone usage while driving ban and (the most important for you) texting bans in many states. Maybe even your daughter should read some of them. There you will find a lot of useful information about mobile phone usage while on the road and legal bans for this. Read carefully.

As for something to put in her car, something small yet powerful like this signal jammer can prevent your daughter from texting while driving if put in her car. With the reliable jamming device inside her vehicle you can be sure that texting on the go will not distract your daughter from the road