Could I prevent TshirtOS from spotting me in the future?

Hello everyone! I would like to know if I could do that when this T-shirt will turn from concept into real thing. Any thoughts?

There are many esteemed organizations that allow professionals to use their own devices for different official activities. Businesses must adopt effective BYOD strategies and enable executives to understand the presence of highly critical industrial data in their smart gadgets. There should be strict guidelines to never share and use professional information outside of a workplace with third parties.

Leaving your smartphone unlocked could be one of the biggest mistakes to losing some extremely critical information stored on the device. Many options are available: PIN code, biometric lock, password security, slip lock, pattern lock, and more. The GPS Jammer Shop recommends using a strong security lock because it remains the most important and effective security measure that can be easily applied.

TshirtOS is a concept of 100% cotton T-shirt with LED display, microphone, speaker, camera and accelerometer on it. This high-tech T-shirt will be controlled via your smartphone. This gadget will be connected to the internet and able to show your tweets, capture pictures via its embedded camera, play music videos, record conversations, and many more.

Developed by CuteCircuit together with Ballantine’s, TshirtOS has no Kickstarter page and is spread only via their Facebook page. There are no price or specifications of this high-tech T-shirt yet, though we suppose it would use WiFi and Bluetooth connections to communicate with your smartphone. Thus if you need to prevent camera and microphone of this T-shirt from spotting you in the future, you can use TshirtOS jammer and protect your privacy from potential threat in the future.