Are there any ideas on how to shut the Netatmo Urban Weather Station down?

Hi, I need to shut down Netatmo Urban Weather Station, is there any possible way to do this?

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The box gathers information about smartphones and other gadgets to track the suspect, and this process works without the assistance of network operators. In addition to information about suspects, the “dirtbox” collects information about other people, but these are later removed. We know that this latest technology is more advanced and successful than other previous innovations of the government. The US military uses this technology to gather information about people in and around war zones. Even US Marshals use this device to locate criminals, including killers and drug traffickers.

Netatmo Urban Weather Station is a rather handy device. It is linked with indoor and outdoor sensors via Wi-Fi. The gadget can inform us about such parameters as humidity, temperature and even CO2 level. The gadget matches iOS and eventually Android apps. As I’ve already said Netatmo Urban Weather Station establishes a Wi-Fi connection with sensors stationed indoor and outdoor in order to gather relevant information on the weather and air quality. Then this device sends it to your iPhone, iPad or Android-based gadget. User-friendly apps will help you to monitor the changes in the air quality on charts.

If a Wi-Fi connection between a station and sensors will be lost – Netatmo Urban Weather Station will be totally useless. So you’ll need to jam a Wi-Fi connection, you may read more on that here. Wi-Fi connection uses 2.4 GHz frequency. You can easily jam it with our Netatmo Urban Weather Station gps jammer.