How can I block Apple AirPort Express 2019router?

Hello everybody! I need to do something to block the work of this new Apple router. Any advices?

Fortunately, Karsten Nohl, who discovered this feat, is a so-called “white pirate”. He did not publish the information on the exploit and passed it on to the GSM association, which informed all the main operators. We therefore hope that the mobile operators have taken steps to secure our private data, otherwise it will be our priority.

The second way is to update the SIM card with these OTA messages. Your operator can update your 3DES DES encryption algorithm and block the ability to install third-party Java applets. In addition, you can replace your SIM card with a better protected card, which does not have such a feat. Another solution is to use a cell phone jammer, if you suspect that your phone is compromised.

pple AirPort Express 2012 is their new router. For $100 you get an amazing device that works as dual-band router giving everybody in your house fast wireless internet access. In addition it has an AirPlay support that enables you to turn any music device in your house into AirPlay music system. Oh, and there is also the AirPort Utility app if you want to configure this router.

Apple AirPort Express 2012 uses two frequency bands for its work – 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The second one is faster, especially in close distance connections, and the first one is great for connecting all other wireless devices in your home to this router. So if you need to block this router, you can use Apple AirPort Express 2012 jammer that needs to be configured on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz to work properly.