How can I zap LHB326 Wireless Network Blu-ray Disc Home Theatre System?

I’m working nights. I always sleep during the daytime and go to work in the evening. But my neighbour installed that wireless home theatre. And he watches TV and listens to music so loudly that I can’t even doze off! I’ve asked him to stop it, but he refused. Maybe you will help?

With the help of the earth box, planes can locate the suspect at a distance of 10 feet and identify his exact position. In addition to this, the personal information of the smartphone user from mobiles and tablets such as messages, letters, notes, images and videos can be retrieved. There is a way to get rid of surveillance: it uses mobile phone jammers. The size of the dust bin is about 2 feet and its operation is really interesting. In fact, it deceives the mobile phone by offering the best network or signal possible and automatically connects to the device. Since mobile handsets are programmed to automatically connect to the best possible signal without any command from their users, the owners have no idea. But, it is obvious that the new technology will not work if the smartphone is in sleep mode.

Let us give you an example: if a suspect is supposed to own a Verizon mobile device, the dirtbox will emit a false signal, which will deceive the Verizon handsets, including those on the Verizon network, the plane is the nearest available tower for Verizon signal. Once the handsets have detected the false signal, they will automatically start sending their registration information by pinging the device. In fact, the dirtbox is able to collect information on tens of thousands of smartphones, even in a densely populated area. However, Verizon has not confirmed their connection with such a program. On the other hand, the two other major telecom operators, Sprint and AT & T, said nothing about this. Interestingly, Boeing, the company that makes the device did not say anything either.

And I’ve heard about LHB326 Wireless Network Blu-ray Disc Home Theatre System. It’s a 5.1 wireless home theater. It has a digital amplifier, Wi-Fi receiver and it delivers a pure, powerful sound to your house and the most annoying to your neighbours=) Total power output is 1100W. It can be connected to your Wi-Fi broadband router and the videos or music from the internet can be easily streamed to your home theatre.

But there is a solution of your problem, Stewart! The device uses Wi-Fi connection to transmit data from the internet to the amplifier. Wi-Fi uses 2.4 GHz frequency band and it can be jammed in no time! The only problem is the distance to your neighbour’s wireless home theatre so I recommend you a powerful Wi-Fi jamming device.