Is it true that L2 GPS signal channel cannot be jammed?

I’ve heard that L2 GPS signal channel was designed for military purposes and it is heavily encrypted. So, due to the encryption it is not possible to jam it at all. Is it true?

G.P.S has always been a prolific mobile application to educate users at unknown places and help them easily reach new destinations. Later, several mobile phone developers and technicians expressed their keen interest in developing advanced and sophisticated development to bring the localization function to an extreme level. Apple has finally registered a genuine technical innovation that will allow greater accuracy in indoor spot mapping and spot detection. The technology creates waves around the world because it does not require G.P.S support and has its own mechanism.

Apple has always been eager to evolve the domestic mapping. With the arrival of iOS 7, the smartphone giant has integrated a meticulous assistance for iBeacons. The technique uses Bluetooth LE to determine a location with real accuracy.

As you can see the sole difference between L1 and L2 compiles up to 350 MHz, and nowadays lots of civil GPS devices use that channel in addition to L1, you can meet also GNSS compatible devices. They use Russian GLONASS positioning system together with GPS.

L2 channel is encrypted. That’s why many people think that it can’t be blocked or jammed. It is wrong Jammer-Store claims that any RF signal can be jammed. So,if you need to jam L2 GPS signal block – use a GPS jammer that is working with 1227.60 MHz, like this GPS L1, L2, L5 jamming device. But beware, evildoers can use such a technology too!