What is the latest achievement in fight against texting while driving?

i everyone! The problem of texting while driving is my top priority because my relatives were hurt because of such driver. I want to know: what’s new in this field?

Recently, we had a question about our QA wiki service about vulnerable DES encrypted SIM cards and the means of protection. News about this feat has been webcast and Google is providing hundreds of thousands of hits for “750 Million Vulnerable SIM Cards”. In this article, Perfecrgjammer will try to clarify the operation of this feat and is it really dangerous.

In fact, this vulnerability is not as dangerous as the media is trying to describe it. We must also explain that there is no virus capable of hacking SIM cards, simply because viruses can reproduce and spread more. If the DES vulnerability is successfully exploited, the compromised SIM card will not be able to infect others. So, basically, it’s a remote attack method on your smartphone.

The latest achievement in fight against texting while driving is the AT&T It Can Wait movement promoted by Victoria Justice. The AT&T Foundry have created a new app (it has no name yet) that can be used by parents to monitor, control and improve the driving behaviour of their teens driving their own cars.

Parents using this system (which is, by the way, a great addition to the AT&T DriveMode app) can track all movements of their teens, and turn off cell phone calls and texting ability when it is necessary. The app gathers all statistics and these data can be used later to see if the driving behaviour of the teen improves with time. While this unnamed app from AT&T is not fully available and still under development, you can use texting while driving GPS jammer and secure your teens from dangerous situations on the road because of texting while driving until AT&T It Can Wait unnamed app will be finished and available for usage.