How can I protect my Facebook account from hijacking when using its iOS application?

Hi guys! I’ve witnessed the bug with the Facebook Camera app and somebody stole my account. I’ve already solved that problem by restoring my password and changing my registration email. But now I need to make sure that this won’t happen anymore. Any help would be appreciated.

Passwords are automatically monitored during creation so that weak passwords are excluded from the system. Adding passwords on the network ensures the consistency of the security connection.

The PBX also supports the use of the reporting system and provides tickets to offenders in a controlled manner.

The design of the PBX is vital and should not be ignored. The PBX can be designed to incorporate a different programming method that uses best practices for users and administrators.

That app has a hole in its SSL authentication protocol and it accepts any SSL certificates from any user within the wireless network you device is currently connected too. So a simple Wi-Fi attack may be performed. In that case all the data you input will be visible to those hackers. That exploit was revealed a couple of days ago and as we’ve already said there is an app update to fix that bug is already available at the App Store.

But as you’ve already seen, public networks simply can’t be safe, so try to protect your mobile device from them. Avoid connection if it is possible and keep your Wi-Fi module off, when you don’t use them. Also you should know that as long as Wi-Fi uses 2.4 GHz frequency it can be GPS jammer with one of our Wi-Fi signal blockers. You may probably need that to block all Wi-Fi connections in the area or to make your home wireless network unavailable from the outside.