Can BMW Wi-Fi hotspot be misused?

ello! Have you heard that they have announces that tiny BMW hotspot. I need to know how it works and whether it is safe or not.

Call logging is able to penetrate visiting lines, adult services, stimulation services and more. The capacity of the call recorder should be used optimally at a time when terrorism is paramount at the global level.

Call loggers can be enhanced into many powerful applications by combining them with additional programming modules, making it possible to make huge amounts of information in a significant portion of the data, easy to understand by the administrator. Modules that generate reports can also change how the idea works.

Another important aspect of security is choosing the right cell phone jammer  network for your business. Telephone networks such as Cisco phones and Mitel phones include call logging features that can be used to avoid security breaches. These networks support call recording functions, such as cheating, saving vital information, and so on. What happens if I lead the way counter-actively? To prevent is better than to cure. So, why should we waste time installing all the modules on the existing telephone frame?

First of all you should know that a wireless network that your hotspot creates is working thanks to RF waves and that networks stretch far beyond your car limits, in other words the network can be accessible from outside the car. As long as Wi-Fi has security issues – you may be sure that somebody may try to hack it and by doing that the evildoer will gain access to all mobile devices connected to the network.

The second point here is that that it may serve as the additional distractive factor and that is really bad if you are driving. You should remember that using wireless gadgets while driving is a really bad idea, because more than 60% of car accidents are caused by that. So the answer to your question is BMW hotspot is not really safe on the road. It may cause not only a personal data leak but even a car accident too. Try to avoid it and if it is impossible simply jam the Wi-Fi connection. It can be done with a simple Wi-Fi signal blocker.