Will GJ6 block the Geotab fleet management system?

Hi! I need to know will the GJ6 jammer stop the Geotab from reporting when I speed or stop to fast along with my location and how long will it keep the Geotab jammed when plug into my truck?

One of Sweden’s leading ISPs has seen its customers receive vulnerable routers from the ISP. This allowed attackers to remotely compromise connected devices. The account, generally, had a weak password and each device connected to the same account had a similar password. Again, there was another case where money was stolen from customers

In such a situation, the problem is that we use the same network configuration for all electronic devices. This means that we have a Blu-Ray player and a television as well as network storage devices having the same configuration as our laptop, which is used to perform financial transactions or official tasks with sensitive information.

Our GJ6 jamming device works with all bands of GPS system, but it surely won’t interfere with GSM module, so using that device will only partially block the Geotab. You should know that if you’ll turn the GJ6 jamming device near Geotab tracker it will block GPS and your speed won’t be reported, but the system will report that satellite connection is lost, so it may look suspicious. Your coordinates will be still approximately known, because the GSM module is still active and it can be triangulated between closest cell towers.

If you want to be sure that Geotab system will be shut down it is better to use a GSM/GPS jammer. It will definitely block that tracker. And you won’t need to worry about the time the jammer will work, you can use a car lighter adapter and the battery won’t get low. Also the built in cooling system will prevent the device from overheating.