Can someone detect me when I use cell phone jammer in public place?

I frequently use my portable jammer in various public places, but I’ve heard that there are some technical means that can detect me jamming the mobile phones? Is it real?

Look around and you will see that it is no different from a small office. There are tons of devices connected to our home to different networks. There are network devices, storage devices, and wireless network printers. WIFI is what has connected your home entertainment devices to the Internet. You will hardly encounter an electronic device such as a Blu-ray player, DVD or TV without WIFI connectivity. The same is applicable for gaming devices. Almost all commercially available game devices and consoles on the market need online connectivity.

At Jammer Shop, we like the idea of ​​changing the old ideology by using new and innovative technology to improve functionality. I myself have a lot of old computers at home, which are connected to the Internet. By old, I mean the old ones, like Amiga 500, Atari Computers and Commodore 64. I am also a fan of changing the existing technology and its features by integrating new technologies.

You should know that your mobile phone jammer creates a strong interference around itself. That’s why all the cell phones are blocked around you. That interference can be detected with a frequency scanner. It is the device that scans some frequency bands and detects strong signals. But here is a problem with those scanners. They won’t really hear your portable cell phone jammer in a public place because there are others even stronger sources of signals there. Also the distance is one of the most important factors. Basically the signal of your mobile phone jamming device will be hidden with signals of base towers, because it is simply stronger.

So, we at may say that there are no reasons to worry about that. If you use a portable signal blocker no one will even try to look for you, as I’ve already said unless you try to block the important authorities. We do not recommend doing so. You should consider that your signal jammer is a weapon and use it accordingly, with caution and responsibility.