Is there a way to surpass Monitech’s CLT?

Hi guys, my dad stumbled on Monitech’s Car Lighter Tracker while surfing the net, he promised to buy one for me to be able to track my movements. Is there something I can do about that?

An agreement reached this week in the nation’s capital could help South Carolina’s efforts to end the thousands of illegal mobile phones that infest state prisons and fuel crime behind bars.

Correctional Director Bryan Stirling said telecom companies agreed Monday to participate in limited testing of technologies that could block the signals of smuggled phones, a move the sector has long been opposed to.

The telecommunications industry has long opposed the telephone gps jammer, claiming that it could interfere with legal users of nearby cells. But several companies, including Verizon, A & T, Sprint and T-Mobile, have agreed to participate in tests of various platforms that can block all calls or just those who are not allowed, said Stirling.

Well, I see that your father is really serious about knowing where you are) Monitech’s CLT is a quite serious gadget that tracks its location in three ways: using GPS, GLONASS and cellular module. In other words it uses 860-1575,42 MHz frequencies band. So it’s quite hard to cheat it. Monitech’s Car Lighter Tracker works while plugged into your car’s lighter slot or into 12V DC adapter. CLT is usually used for fleet controlling, improving the efficiency of navigation systems and for security, because it can warn the police about all intrusions when your car is parked. Also that gadget ensures proper functionality of your GPS navigator even in urban areas and multistory parking lots. The tracking issues are already very popular on the Internet. The easiest way to solve your problems will be jamming the signals of the CLT. And we have a proper solution! I think that Monitech’s CLT jammer would do the trick, and make you disappear from the radars.