How to protect my corporate Wi-Fi network from unauthorized access?

Someone accesses my wireless network at my office. I don’t know how and I’ve already enhanced the security, no one gets into the building without a pass. I’ve also hired a couple of programmers to enhance a firewall and cybersecurity measures, but that made any effect.

Almost all smart mobile phones use GPS jammer for navigation and location. The technology relies entirely on satellite synchronization signals and is only operational outside. Apple’s new technique is an aggregation of embedded location databases and Wi-Fi access points to achieve outstanding accuracy in both outdoor and indoor locations. The system incorporates a long series of factors with major inclusions, such as the “presence area”, commonly referred to as the hardware communication range and access point filtering. The technology allows many non-G.P.S smart gadgets to easily track locations with astonishing accuracy.

Improved mapping

Now let’s get back to your Wi-Fi issues. The problem is in that, that a hacker that connects wireless network can access it without getting into a building, because Wi-Fi signal spreads rather widely. You may try to find out who the hacker is by looking at the broadband speeds of connected users. Connection speed of a hacker, accessing from the street will be much lower.

Now, let’s get to protection. There are a lot of ways for hackers to get into wireless network. Also they can access a wired network through a wireless one. Jammers-Store can provide you only one 100% solution.

To protect your corporate network you should ban the usage of wireless connections. But keep in mind that just active Wi-Fi module in some executive’s laptop can be a gateway to your network. So it will be better to install a powerful Wi-Fi jamming device to expel the threat of hacking.