Will I be able to use a cell phone jammer in a plane flight?

i there, I fly a lot and I know that mobile phone signals interfere with plane’s cockpit equipment and that’s why the usage of mobile phones in planes is prohibited. But recently I’ve heard that Boeing creates new planes that can provide mobile phone communications, Wi-Fi and mobile internet.

Of course, there is a backdoor, but it’s not only on Windows, it’s an Internet browser. Most of them collect user data and send these reports to their companies. And we do not know where these data go after that.

Mobile Internet should also be avoided because it can not provide the necessary level of security, as well as Wi-Fi networks. These are typically used to steal valuable data, such as bank connections and bank passwords. Internet. But this problem can be solved with a simple universal signal scrambler.

Remember that everything has security holes. For example, any Windows PC has two huge backdoors: Remote Desktop Service (RDP) and Skype. Both are able to spy on the activity of the user, and the user himself, using a webcam and the microphone. And while RDP can be disabled via the control panel, to block Skype, you will need to uninstall it. In addition, Microsoft has access to all the chat logs in Skype. We need something to replace it.

It sounds like a disaster for people who fly a lot and got used to a tranquillity of a flight. Now there will be as much jib jabbers as everywhere! But the good news are that that you’ll be able to use your cell phone jammer, because it works with the same frequencies mobile phones do, and your jammer will not harm plane’s equipment.

Jammer-Store Inc. recommends you to use up-to-date jammers, because old jammers will not be able to jam the newest smartphones like HTC EVO 4G and iPhone 5. So it will be better to equip yourself with a proper anti-smartphone jamming device!