Recommend me a signal jammer that will jam all the eavesdropping and surveillance devices in our conference hall please.

I’m going to have a very important business meeting in three weeks. That meeting can change my whole business and the way we work. I need to be sure that no one will hear what we will be talking about. So, what will you recommend? How can we ensure 100% protection from eavesdropping?

Recently, Apple has taken an important step in buying the indoor location mapping organization called Wi-FiSLAM. The company paid about $ 20 million to acquire all rights. Wi-FiSLAM uses Wi-Fi signals and has served its module to different developers of prominent mobile phone applications, particularly with regard to mapping indoor locations.

Apple has always shown a keen interest in integrating different small and large units to deliver extraordinary results to subscribers. The company is working very hard to revive Wi-FiSLAM and consolidate iOS elements for exclusive programming for different Apple devices that will be launched next year.

Apple seems to spare no effort to consolidate the mapping of places, because the company has taken a big step by buying another technical operator called PRIMESENSE. Once the contract was concluded, a large part of the technical analysts speculated on the purchase of PRIMESENSE to strengthen Apple’s iTV. In the end, Apple officials made it clear that the company was working with considerable dedication to improving the level of indoor location mapping and that buying PRIMESENSE would make it easier to create iOS Maps apps often poorly designed. Apple paid $ 360 million by buying back all rights and operational infrastructure.

After being confronted with AAPL’s big criticism on iOS 6, Apple seems to be very strong with several outstanding technology collaborations and important updates for indoor mapping. We, at Perfectjammer, hope that the company will score high with these long-awaited inclusions and will provide its subscribers with a unique and highly effective indoor location tracking app

You know, eavesdropping bugs are now quite a hot topic on the internet. And the reason of this hides it the fact that eavesdropping bugs are spreading in the US really fast. And there are thousands of different types of those bugs and that’s why it is almost impossible to protect yourself for 100%.

In order to GPS jammer a bug you should know exactly what frequency or a band of frequencies that bug uses. And the problem here is in that that there are millions of bugs that use different frequencies and they use a wide bands of frequencies from 900 to 2700 MHz. In order to block the signals of those bugs you would have to jam whole that frequency band and it is used for Wi-Fi, mobile internet, Bluetooth GPS and mobile phone communications.