How does the cell phone tower triangulation tracking technique work? How can I avoid being tracked?

Hi there, I have recently heard about that tracking method and they say that any cell phone can be tracked that way. Is it true and if yes how to avoid it?

Almost all smart mobile phones use GPS jammer for navigation and location. The technology relies entirely on satellite synchronization signals and is only operational outside. Apple’s new technique is an aggregation of embedded location databases and Wi-Fi access points to achieve outstanding accuracy in both outdoor and indoor locations. The system incorporates a long series of factors with major inclusions, such as the “presence area”, commonly referred to as the hardware communication range and access point filtering. The technology allows many non-G.P.S smart gadgets to easily track locations with astonishing accuracy.

Cell phone tower triangulation is a tracking technique based on identifying three closest cell phone towers that accept your signal and calculating the time gaps between the moments when signal reaches those towers.

That’s how that method works and any cell phone can be tracked that way, but the triangulation works well in urban areas, due to a high concentration of towers there, in rural areas it will not work so well. Using the cell phone tower triangulation method one can obtain your coordinates up to a 1-4 meters or 3-12 feet.

That technique is rather cheap and not only law enforcement uses it but bad guys too. I understand your worries and hopefully Jammer-Store has a solution. The most reliable way to avoid cell tower triangulation tracking is to use a cell phone jamming device that will shut down all the waves around you and expel the very possibility of tracking.