Can you tell me more about the Megamos Crypto hack?

Hello! I’ve recently read at the Guardian that Megamos Crypto algorithm, that encrypts codes, transferred between car alarm trinkets and the car itself was hacked, but the High Court of Great Britain has forbidden the publication of the bug. Is it really dangerous,because if I’m not mistaken it is used in luxury cars, such as Porsche, Lamborghini and Bentley.

Today, we are surrounded by many advanced technologies, and of course smartphones and technologies associated with them are also on the list. We must admit that the benefits of using new mobile phones can hardly be overestimated. These gadgets give us the ability to provide communications to almost anywhere in the world. The fact is that you can not be near your family or your friends forever, but with mobile phones, you will be close to them and communicate with them no matter how far away you are from them.

However, with all these benefits and bonuses, smartphones can be real killers. Recent statistics on the use of cell phones while driving indicate that more than 20% of fatal road accidents were caused by inappropriate use of a mobile phone. In addition, hundreds of people die and injure themselves every day around the world because of the use of a cell phone while driving. The good news is that there is a device that can do things right – I’m talking about the meaning of the GPS signal jammer when driving.

The court has prohibited the publication of the bug, because they believe that it may lead to lots of car hijacking cases via code grabbers. You can read more on those devices here. The algorithm was deciphered with “chip slicing” technology, when the chip is literary sliced under the microscope to understand its logic. So, we know that car alarms are vulnerable, but what to do about it?

First of all we recommend to avoid wireless means to control your car, especially apps for iOS or Android, that allow to control the car. They are really dangerous because they use widely spread frequencies, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to communicate with the car and are even more vulnerable than the ordinary car alarm. Also, modern smartphones can be hacked too. So, if you’d like to protect your car from code grabbers – you will need a car alarm jammer, that will block signals of code grabbers, as well as car alarm trinkets and will surely protect your vehicle