How GPS spoofing works and how to block it?

Hello, I’m not really familiar with the GPS spoofing technology, but I’m sure that it is possible, because students from Texas were able to spoof GPS signals and guide a $80 million yacht of its course. I’d like to know how that was possible and if there is a way to protect myself from that? Many thanks in advance!

New models of cell phone jammers will reduce the number of car accidents, according to some experts. Still wondering how this is possible? So, let us give you some brief information on this topic by saying that many of us take serious risks when talking on cell phones while driving. That’s why scientists have devised a particular type of cell phone jammers that should be installed in some of the latest car models.

By giving a serious idea to this idea, you will see that it is a genius, but only to a certain extent. Surely, there are many negative sides of this thing, but before doing so, pay particular attention to the positive sides. The first thing is the fact that it will definitely decrease the number of car accidents for sure. We pay the necessary attention to the road and we focus solely on it while driving and not talking on the mobile phone. And this has been proven by specialists. But if we talk on the phone, we can not be so focused on the road and often accidents can happen in this case. – Because our braking and maneuvering reactions are at least 45% slower. That’s why more and more people are starting to try to protect their kids with these cellphone jammers in their cars. In addition, a more positive thing here is that if you are a jib-jabber and at the same time you spend a lot of time in the car, you will reduce the monthly bill if your cell phone signal is blocked.

That’s how those students from University of Texas were able to do it, but it is good that they’ve had a scientific reason, not criminal. That’s why you should remember that GPS technology may be used by evildoers too. So, they’ve simply made navigation system of that yacht think that it has a non-existing three degrees course collision and the crew have corrected that. That’s how they’ve directed the yacht where they needed it to be, and the crew didn’t even know that they were manipulated.

But we at know a couple of ways to block that GPS spoofing. In order to use that vulnerability the fake GPS signal must be stronger than the original one, so we recommend to block GPS signals on the desired areas and switch to GLONASS or another global positioning system. But be careful with GPS jamming device in your naval journeys, because you may block the signal entirely and what’s worse – you may disrupt other ships’ navigation.