Is it possible to block access to social networks in the office?

Hello! I need to block access to social networks at my office, the problem is that I’ve already restricted access for every work station in hosts file, but employees still hang on Facebook and Twitter via their smartphones and tablets. I cannot control their private devices and there is no way I can force them not to use those. Maybe you can help?

A technique as obsolete as Blusnarfing deserves mention. The term itself means hacking various mobile devices using Bluetooth. Previously, it was rarely used because of its disadvantage: hacker had to stay within 10 meters (30 feet) of the target because it was the Bluetooth receiving range. But now, it is gaining popularity because the Bluetooth working range has been expanded. Sometimes, hackers can even use highly sensitive unidirectional antennas to accomplish these remote hacks. But it’s very simple to protect yourself from that. Few people use these connections in their daily lives, so it will be best to ignore them. But if you sometimes need it, you just have to put it in “non-discoverable” mode by default. In addition, we must mention that pickpockets use Bluetooth to search for expensive mobile devices in public places.

And now we have come to the main security issue of all Android-based gadgets – malicious apps. Most of these viruses are rather primitive and have the main purpose of sending messages to short phone numbers or assigning services that cost you more. Their advanced versions can send their copies to your contact list. They often claim to be popular apps like Skype or Angry Birds and attract users with no added features or others. We should mention that all these malicious applications for Android will require permissions for sending messages and dialing phone numbers.

So basically, there are only three ways they can access their social networks accounts via smartphones and tablets. They may use 3G or 4G Internet and they may also use Wi-Fi network, if there is a hotspot nearby. So check this, because Wi-Fi networks are really vulnerable and using those at work may cause even worse data leaks than social networks.

We’d recommend you to use our desktop adjustable GPS jammer RCJ40-D, to block not only mobile Internet, such as 3G and 4G, but Wi-Fi networks, as well. The device works pretty simple, it just sends “empty” signals on the same frequencies that used for Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G and blocks the useful signals. It has 40 meters (130 feet) of jamming range and it can be adjusted to fit any room or building, so you can be sure that your jamming won’t affect your neighbors.