What’s the problem with Google Glass QR code vulnerability?

Hi! I’ve read about the Google Glass vulnerability, that is based on the exploiting of the malicious QR code. I’d like to know how does it work and if there is a way to protect myself from that, because I’d like to buy a pair of those glasses, when they will reach the market.

In addition, you need to pay close attention to their battery life when it comes to portable / portable jammers, because if you do not have a lot of money this is the most important thing you need to look for, with the frequencies and the range of interference. Every scrambling device does a great job and you have to keep in mind that this is the easiest way to prevent people from talking on their cell phones. It is necessary to have some knowledge of some basic things about these blocking devices, and this way, you can make the choice easily when buying one

Modern mobile phone users are turning to smartphones and this fact places a very high priority on the security of these mobile devices. It is widely known that smartphones are often used in various businesses and that is why they sometimes contain sensitive information. These gadgets also collect your personal information and they can probably share it with the perpetrators. This is probably the main reason why mobile operating system security has faced new, very high demands.

It may sound wild, but the Android mobile operating system has been considered the safest and safest operational system. But with the development of the OS itself and its massive spread, the amount of viruses and other malicious applications has increased dramatically. That’s why today we will try to tell you how to make sure that the information stored on your Android smartphone is 100% secure.

Using a malicious QR code they were able to force Glass to connect their Wi-Fi hotspot and then they’ve simply used Wi-Fi protocol vulnerabilities to monitor and intercept all the data, that Glass sends and receives form the outer world. Than, with help of SSLstrip they have managed to gain access to network traffic, including messages, emails, video hangouts, etc.

Modern mobile gadgets are vulnerable, indeed, but Google has already fixed that problem. Exploit worked, because Glass has executed QR codes without user’s notice, new fix made Glass to notify users about the execution of QR code. That’s not a 100% fix, because malicious code still can be executed, and the data you have on your smartphone may be in danger. That’s why we recommend to use Bluetooth gps signal jammer, to be able to block connection between Glass and your smartphone, when you really need that