GPS jammer can make car information disappear instantly

In 2009, Concord launched the world’s first simple and practical intelligent vehicle networking hardware GT02, which has become the leading company in the industry and popularizes the use of end devices for vehicle networking in the industry. Many people will wonder: what good is the GPS location of the car? In fact, the different models of the car GPS locator function is basically the same, then the Kangkesi GT220 car GPS locator to do a specific analysis perform.

1: Speed ​​reminder and historical playback. When the 120 km vehicle speed reminder is set on the platform, the alarm speed sends the alarm information to the mobile phone, and the user can determine the vehicle speed in time to avoid unnecessary deduction and fine. At the same time, the vehicle can record the vehicle’s 60-day trajectory. If the vehicle was there, it is clear that it avoids private use of the bus and that vehicle management is safer.

2: Precise positioning and electronic fence: GT220 GPS locator has built-in dual mode antenna and GSM quad band antenna, the signal is more stable, and it can lock the vehicle position faster and more accurately. Users can view the location of the vehicle in real time via mobile apps, computers and more. At the same time, the GT220 GPS location sensor sets a safe range for each vehicle of the user and sends an alarm message to and from the electronic fence so that the user can recognize the vehicle danger in good time and avoid unnecessary losses.

3: Remote flameout. Remote control anytime and anywhere, if you want to turn off the flame, you will turn off the fire. If you want to recover, restore the oil circuit. After you have recovered, you can start the car with the car key.

4: Vibrating alert and navigation to find a car. If the vibration is triggered and you do not drive with the car key, the device sends a vibration alarm message to your mobile phone and displays it on the platform. Quickly find the location of the phone and vehicle and customize the best route for car navigation. If the vehicle is unusual, you can navigate faster.

Of course, these are all the advantages of the car GPS locator. However, the use of this device is also subject to various risks, such as the vehicle position leakage, which makes it much easier for some illegal elements to locate the vehicle and steal the vehicle. To prevent the vehicle from being tracked, a gps jammer can be used, and when the switch is on, the position information of the vehicle can be shielded to hide the vehicle.