When buying a jammer, please pay attention to the interference frequency band, the place of use, and the interference radius

Everyone who has played CODOL knows that in this type of game, choosing and tuning the tactical equipment is very important for the personal experience of the game. Some understated props can save your life even in critical moments. For example, an electronic jammer, cell phone blocker can not only disrupt the enemy’s radar, but also hide the position of the friendly forces.

The main function of the electronic jammer is to shield the visual information on the enemy’s map in a given area, including drone detection and the small map of the enemy entering the area. Some high performance drone jammers can in reality shield the 2.4G, 5.8G WiFi frequency bands commonly used by commercial or commercial drones on the market, preventing unmanned aerial photography and detection.

It goes without saying that the cell phone signal jammer device on the market can limit the cell phone signal emitted by the launch vehicle to 500 m and a radius of> 20 m. It only shields the phone signal so you don’t have to worry about whether other electronic devices are affected. When nearby signals are blocked, the cell phone normally behaves like no signal and searches the network, etc.

The electronic jammer in the game is suitable to be placed in a small space because it makes a noise from time to time and can be easily recognized by the enemy in the open. In practice, we must pay attention to the environment when installing jamming devices and avoid the effects of other metal devices in the area.

Like electronic jammers in games, cell phone jammers in life can be removed and removed at any time, e.g. B. desktop phone jammer with large interference range and high performance. Portable cell phone jammers are easy to carry and can be easily carried in bags, school bags or arms, which is very convenient. When buying and using, pay attention to the interference frequency band and the place of use as well as the interference radius and choose the one that suits your needs.