Is the shielding range of the jammer spherical?

The cell phone jammer targets only the uplink and downlink channels of the cellphone system. It uses frequency doubling, frequency division, frequency hopping filtering and other technologies to analyze the frequency that needs to be shielded. If the signal interference transmitter is in the working state, a spherical shielding space is generated in accordance with its performance. At this time, the cell phone is invalid in this area and cannot receive or call, thereby accomplishing the purpose of forcibly disabling the cell phone.

The cell phone blocker uses ultra high frequency broadband interference technology and the power output is controlled by intelligent remote control technology. The range of the remote control is 10 meters. The performance is high, the interference radius is large and the range is adjustable. By using advanced filter technology, only the downlink is disturbed and the base station is not affected. Causes interference. Metal case design, solemn and beautiful. Can be used in various professional secret locations, professional flammable and explosive locations, professional locations and other cell phone bans.

There are many jammers on the market. Many cell phone jammers can not only shield the cell phone signal, but also intercept the WiFi signal. Similar to the jammer in the exam room, some students in their dormitory will be affected by games at night. The influence of noise can be exploited by signal interference transmitters from mobile phones. It is used irregularly at night. The effect is very good and the operation is simple and convenient. It only shields the communication signals of the mobile phone on site and has no effect on the surrounding communication base stations.