Phone jammers are now more diverse

When the church prays, the priest reads the Bible about it. Such a solemn moment, when suddenly a loud and loud cell phone alarm sounds, it will be a matter of anger and embarrassment. Although we all know that before we pray we have to turn off our cell phones, there are always people who forget or enjoy doing things that run counter to us. At this point, even if the phone is turned off, it has no effect. You can use the cell phone jammer to block the church phone signal for a period of time for the purpose of preventing cell phone noise.

During school class, students are always used to keeping an eye on the phone and paying attention to the mobile phone. If the lesson is not particularly interesting, the teachers are also helpless, especially during the exam, various fraud tools allow the supervisors, you are amazed. What is equipped with pinhole cameras when cheating glasses, watches, erasers and even the bottle opening significantly affects the fairness of the test. During the exam, a portable cell phone jammer can be placed in the classroom to block the candidate’s cheat signals.

The cellular phone jammer achieves the purpose of covering the original network by sending radio waves with the same power, thereby preventing a certain range of communication networks. The mobile phone cannot be on the normal Internet, speaks and sends messages, which means that the mobile phone is in a “paralyzed state” and at the same time cannot affect the effects of other electronic devices. As soon as the telephone jammer is switched off or the telephone is switched off, the communication device returns to normal.

Cell phone jammers are often used not only in churches, classrooms, but also in conference centers (to prevent cell phone communication interference), theaters (to prevent cell phone noise from interfering with theatrical performances), and other prisons and similar facilities such as government, military bases, etc. Preferred interference device. During the Iraq war, US military radar detectors were jammed with electronic jamming instruments, causing them to become “blind” in certain areas within a certain period of time.

Cell phone jammers can not only block cell phone signals, but thanks to the power of cell phones and the rapid development of science and technology, jammer design has become more diverse. Without the bulk and small size of the past, the current cell phone jammer is not only small, cheap and can be carried, it also selectively interferes with 2G 3G 4G GPS UHF VHF and other frequency bands, with powerful functions and a wide shielding range. When we buy the jammer, we need to pay attention to the interference band and blocking radius and select it according to your requirements.