Cell phone has radiation, jammer can solve this problem

Cell phone radiation is very harmful to people’s heads. Long-term exposure to cell phone jammercan lead to malfunctions in the human central nervous system, which can cause symptoms such as dizziness, headache, insomnia, multiple dreams and hair loss. If you hang your phone on your chest, it affects your heart and hormone system. Even in a less broadcast standby condition, electromagnetic radiation around the phone can damage the human body.

In addition, electromagnetic radiation also affects normal human cell metabolism and leads to disorders of metal ions such as potassium, calcium and sodium in the body. According to the British “Times” report on June 28, the number of sperm in men who regularly use and use mobile phones can be reduced by up to 30%. “Radiation is synonymous with brain boiling.” The most common way to prevent your family from overusing your home phone is to use a cell phone jammer.

British scientists did a test: they put their phones in an incubator with nematodes and found that after a period of electromagnetic radiation, the nematodes were boiled like water by the phone. Although the skull can shield part of the microwave, the electromagnetic radiation has a strong penetrating power. When the microwave penetrates the skull and acts on the brain, this corresponds to the boiling of the brain.

Studies have confirmed that when using a cell phone, 40% to 60% of the radiation penetrates directly into the depth of 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches of the brain and the cell phone radiation continues to accumulate in the brain. Long-term use of mobile phones can lead to side effects such as chest tightness, nausea, loss of appetite and adverse effects on sleep quality. Many reports at home and abroad believe that the most common phenomenon caused by electromagnetic radiation from cell phones is neurasthenia. The main symptoms are headache, dizziness, memory loss and inattention. A new study shows that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones has a 20% higher impact on brain cells than previously thought.

The constant updating and replacement of smartphones has brought unimaginable convenience to human life, but it is this convenience and the perfect function of mobile phones that are causing more and more people to use mobile phones, including families, children and office workers. It has become very important for parents to “take” a cell phone from a child. The use or installation of a cellphone signal jammer that shields the radio signal from home without robbing the cellphone so that the cellphone has no network is indeed a perfect solution.