Did you really know about jammers?

With the rapid spread of communication devices such as cell phones and PHS, people’s quality of life has improved, but in quiet areas such as theaters and halls, the ringing tones of communication devices and the noise of phones have become a serious social problem. When you enjoy a critical moment in a movie, you get very angry when a quick ringtone interrupts you. At this point, you only need to use one cell phone jammer to avoid this situation.

Have you experienced this situation and felt uncomfortable? On buses and trains people make loud calls, in cinemas and theaters people speak loudly, tests were cheating on the phone and so on. Some people really don’t have that kind of morality. However, if you use jammers, you don’t have to worry about this type of cellphone harassment at all. You can prevent their malfunction by pressing the switch on the jamming device. Simple and convenient!

If you want to create a calm atmosphere (e.g. a library, a restaurant, a classroom, etc.), annoying phone calls are annoying, and important meetings and business negotiations are often interrupted by cell phone calls. This jammer phone is useful when you want to remove your phone from the service area. These devices are very different, some also offer other functions in which advanced devices can cover several frequency bands such as CDMA, AMPS, GSM, TDMA and other signals. That is why there are so many different jammer products. If you want to use different frequencies and situations, it is recommended to spend more money on this device, around 300 euros.

When the service platform receives the corresponding auto service, it forwards the information to the auto terminal. When the empty taxi driver sees the relevant information, he can choose to call and then the detailed information is transferred to the car. The driver can use the information to find the appropriate customer.

The radio law says: “Radio waves are electromagnetic waves with a frequency below 3 million MHz.” Here the interference frequency is the number of wave vibrations per second and the unit is Hz (Hertz). When a current flows through a conductor like a metal, radio waves are generated so that magnetic and electric fields are alternately connected and spread in space so that a wireless jammer can be used to allow the transmitter, receiver and antenna to communicate wirelessly.