GPS jammers are natural enemies of signals

In today’s era of “a cell phone is in hand, I have it in the world”, cell phones bring unprecedented convenience to people’s everyday lives, such as daily communication, online shopping, snacking, games, audio and video, entertainment, education and Learn. Can be easily implemented on the phone. There is also a particularly important function that is used frequently: navigation.

Our cell phones are equipped with a Gaode card, Baidu card, Google card or one of them. To be able to use the navigation function, these maps with GPS location must be activated. “They have deviated from the route and are planning new.” The use of GPS is indeed indispensable in life.

The GPS navigation system is a radio navigation and positioning system based on 24 positioning satellites around the world. It has 6 running orbits and provides real-time information such as 3D position and 3D speed to all parts of the world. Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) mainly include GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia), GALILEO (EU) and Beidou / COMPASS (China).

GPS subband 5 bands, GPSL1-L5, civil GPS normally uses only the L1 band, surveying and military use need to use L1 and L2 bands at the same time, L3 is mainly used for military and scientific research applications, L5 is the third type civil GPS signal, we cannot do without GPS navigation. With the universality of GPS, however, GPS trackers have emerged. It’s cheap, small, and handy, and has become a tool for many unscrupulous people to follow others and commit crimes.

The gps jammer is an interception device that was specially developed for GPS tracking signals. It can shield the GPS signals within a certain range around itself to hide itself and avoid being followed by others. Anti-GPS locators are common on the Internet, and some can be stored in a pocket or in a compartment, which is very convenient and only needs to be turned on when in use. However, it is not allowed in many places, so we should pay attention to the purpose and place of use when buying and not use it illegally.