Does the WiFi jammer affect the GPS signal?

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GPS jamming capabilities have been a taboo subject within the Israeli defense establishment and IDF for years, with officers dissuaded from even discussing the potential vulnerability. But as the possibility of a new conflict looms on the horizon, there is no ignoring the likelihood of Israeli bombs being rendered satellite-less in a future

That even state intelligence services have had difficulty in determining the source of the jamming and whether or not it was deliberate, highlights how effective these tactics can be even during an uneasy peace. With electronic and cyber assaults, Russia has found an effective way to disrupt the military and government activities of its regional opponents while maintaining a surprising amount of plausible deniability.

Head of Communication with the intelligence service, Kim Alexander Gulbrandsen, does not answer the question from the Barents Observer regarding possible Russian jamming before or after the September military drill affecting GPS receivers in the Barents Sea.

North Korea developed its GPS jamming capability in response to GPS-guided weapons that could be used by South Korean and U.S. forces in the event of war. The country maintains a regiment-sized GPS jamming unit near the capital of Pyongyang and battalion-sized units near the demilitarized zone. Jamming in 2012 was traced to the town of Kaesong, just over the border.