Signal jammers are now in use throughout the world

As the development of Internet, people can have access to the instant news immediately, at the same time, people’s private life has been exaggerated. People take use of the high tech GPS tracking device or radio video spying kits to steal people’s privacy everywhere. Once if they are succeeded in picturing or recording you. The photos or records will be delivered on the Internet fast, you will become the hot issue any time. More and more people will be interested in photos, more private information will be exposed. Everyone is curious about the Internet trend, while we must be wise. We should be more wise to deal with so many tracking devices. The helper’s name is  signal jammer which is powerful to keep off all those hidden tracking devices. GPS jamming technology will also disable autopilot in drones to protect individuals’ privacy.

Etterretningstjeneste or E-tjenesten, did not believe that the signal jammer was directed at the country specifically, according to the country’s state-run NKR radio service. East Finnmark is situated along the border with both Finland and Russia.

South Korean government officials report that the jamming operation, which began in late March, has been targeting aircraft navigation equipment. North Korea has reportedly broadcast a jamming signal on 100 occasions. A total of 962 planes have been affected by the jamming, as well as nearly 700 fishing vessels. The jamming has also affected cell phone base stations.

DHS and the Defense Department have worked to develop a jammer location system that picks up and feeds jammer signals to a master station run by the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency since 2010, but to date the only feeds it receives are from sensors located at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, Merrill told the conference.