Demand for mobile phone signal jammers is increasing

Originally speaking, a portable jammer  is especially designed for stopping the normal use of cellular phones. It works by sending out the same frequency with the base station of the signal tower. So it must work in effective range, or it will does no work at all. In the last, the signal jammer is mainly used for military purpose. While in the modern society, with the wide usage of the cell phones. The need of the functional mobile phone signal jammer is also increasing.

Mr. He added, “my son’s cell phone is basically used to play games and watch games. On the one hand, it is an influence on learning. How can I concentrate on how to pass the class? On the other hand, children are not able to stay up late at night and play games. Besides, some violent games seriously affect children’s physical and mental health. The mobile phone is fierce in tiger!”

The anti-drone gadget is a rifle-shaped portable jammer. The Mark II Dronegun will possibly disrupt drone operations by jamming command, control and communication frequencies but it certainly won’t disrupt humans who get in its way, according to Australian certification house EMC Technologies (no relation to the big tech firm of similar name).

Data from RAC, a British road-rescue company, provides theoretical support for the development of a “signal shield back”. Data from the RAC show that the number of drivers operating mobile phones during driving has risen from 8 per cent in 2014 to 31 per cent last year. The problem is not just that drivers text and call when they drive, but that if the phone is within reach, the notification prompts the driver to look at the phone.

Battlefield gps blocker is becoming common, which can make communications difficult. One iProTxS system can work with as many radios within an ECM system area of operation. The system integrates with narrowband FM and AM VHF and UHF combat radio networks, as well as digital 4-FSK frequency hopping, TETRA and professional mobile radio frequencies