Does the jammer need special supervision?

In recent years, with the rapid development of modern communication technology, the use of high-tech cheating in examination room means emerge in endlessly, the university entrance exam cheating tools by the initial pager, mobile phone, and then the handset and then to today’s digital products, appearance is for the ruler, rubber, glasses boxes, stationery bags, watches, cheating tools such as mineral water bottles, exams have emerged in various countries. In order to prevent cheating, the authorities have effectively prevented and discouraged cheating in the examination room by using mobile phone block apparatus, metal detector, wireless cell phone jammer and warning suppression equipment.

The famous davos economy forum has used similar devices to regulate the use of drones, to protect order and safety. Such equipment has played an important role in the success of recent conferences.According to the report, the cell phone jammer equipment was developed by the Russian military and is sophisticated enough to affect even navigation equipment with anti-jam technology and good enough to affect encrypted communications, though encryption only makes it hard to get into the drone’s control systems or sensor output. The Department of Defense declined to comment on whether any drones had crashed as a result of the jamming.

So now it’s the fun part, what does the second LimeSDR do? Some of the more obvious problems with the overall concept is that the drone will jam itself and the rogue drone might already have anti-jamming capabilities installed, in which case it will just return to home. Maybe the second SDR is there to track the drone as it returns home and thereby catch the human operator? Answers/suggestions in the comments below! Video after the break.

According to the expert, signal jammers are starting to pop up in private businesses where they are used to “improve productivity in manufacturing and against corporate espionage”. The local Gunfighter Flag exercise held in mid-April led to unintended consequences after military jamming equipment used to train aircrews also blocked navigation signals used by local farmers, pilots and city workersThe  signal jammer light tactical vehicle uses sensitive radar to detect small incoming targets and then deploys signal-blocking technology to sever the link between the drone and its controller, causing it to fall from the sky.