GPS jammers increase the amount of interference spectrum

It can also prevent GPS GPS location. If the GPS tracker hidden by thieves in our car, which is stupid and dangerous, we will oppose, otherwise we can not guarantee our safety. The scrambler signal / blocker signal in your car and make it work, it displays a false appearance of geolocation scrambler tracker. For example, you drove out of the garage, but the GPS tracker can not receive signals from the satellite, and therefore compatible with the credit history. 12 antennas cross work in all areas of work to make up the shortfall between them.

These cellular gps jammer are permanently controlled by a central administrator who can authorize or prohibit cellular communications. These cellular jammers are connected via a CAN (Controller Area Network) network in a local area network and managed by a central base station (CBS). The intelligent scrambling system controls everything from detection to alert when and where an individual cell phone tries to establish a call, to block calls.

This is not only can interfere with the GPS signal, at the same time can also be GSM, 3G pocket GPS jammer more popular protection signal, both for its characteristics, and its increase in the number of interference spectrum, it is now the market benefits, attracted more people need to report jammers. In addition, it has a good heat dissipation effect, which can provide you with a long working time. More importantly, more advantage over the price, can interfere with the cell phone signal, more GPS signals satisfy the needs of people.

Stay close to your car to close it, Check that the locks are locked: thanks to warnings and noise that signal the closing, by operating the door handles (be careful not to re-open your vehicle if you use a free hand card); Finally, if in doubt, or if the batteries of your remote key are defective, use the mechanical key that is inevitably in your remote key or your free-hand card. Be aware that cell phone jammer can also neutralize the closing of gates or blinds. Also be careful when leaving your garage, and watch for its complete closure