jammer is also called jammer interceptor

In addition, portable GPS mobile phone blocker is also equipped with a built-in fan blower as the cooling system, GPS mobile phone handheld shutter signals always maintain a good working order, will not lead to high temperature. In addition, the portable handheld GPS signal blocking device is also designed with the car charger, you can easily use the car charger in the car, which is very convenient and easy to use. In addition, Gps Scrambler App is also very easy to use, can be used in many places, when you are out, as well as conference rooms, classrooms, etc. location

Many people do not understand the principle of electromagnetic shielding, both a metal box, the box is grounded, it can act as an electromagnetic shield. Under the guidance of this concept is the result of a failure. Because the electromagnetic shield and the shield to the ground or not does not matter. Only two factors that affect the actual effectiveness of the protective shielding: one shielding surface must be electrically conductive continuous and the other conductor not directly penetrate the shield. There are many points on a discontinuous conductive shield, the most important is a non-conductive space formed of different parts of the connecting shield. The non-conductive gap occurs electromagnetic leakage, as fluid can leak from the same location on the container. One way of approaching such a leak is filled in the space of the conductive elastic material, in order to eliminate the non-conductive point. This filling rubber as fluid container in space for the same reason. Such conductive filler material is elastic electromagnetic seal. For example: key car cell phone jammer took advantage of this princip

Why are GPS jammers so popular? GPS jammers popularity with the common use of GPS Tracker has a great relationship is because the GPS tracking device is widely used to track their own goals, such as the husband to follow his wife, or a boss tracking the personal, this is very common thing. Not only that, but now, in the high-tech era, many police officers will also use GPS trackers to track suspects for information and evidence so they can be completely destroyed by criminal gangs.

jammer also called jammers interceptors, in fact, when we close the remote control car key car, Car Jammer also the issue of a same wave, but a number of large electric jammers may interfere with the receipt at the lock of car remote control the signal. The remote control will be in a state of temporary failure.The IJS can operate remotely using ON / OFF switching. If the cell phone jammer components are in buildings or areas away from the control unit, activation of the remote control can operate the cellular jammer remotely.