Jammers really allow students to calm down and learn?

In addition to this. Cell phone use in classrooms is now so rampant that the students now think they have a right to use them during class. They are not listening to instruction and directions need to be repeated many times because they were texting, listening to music on their phone playing a game or watching a video or movie. Some students have even taken or made a voice call during class. In this case, the phone jammer should be used.

Enter the Next Generation Jammer program, the first documents for which were released by the Pentagon in 2004, with the aim of bringing drone jammer into the digital age. The NGJ had originally been envisioned as an automated pod for use on single-seat F-35 Lightning stealth fighters, which would serve in all three branches of the military. However, this concept proved much more expensive and time-consuming than expected—which could summarize be the F-35 program in a nutshell. Instead, the Pentagon eventually decided to focus on re-equipping the Navy Growlers with the new jamming system, and in 2013 chose the design proposed by Raytheon over three major competitors.

My girlfriend had a professor who would simply demand the student stand up and read the content of the text message aloud to the class, and then explain the conversation to which it pertained. His usual line was “Since your text message is clearly more important than the lesson I am trying to teach, why don’t you share it with us, so that we can all benefit from it’s information.” After the first embarrassing text that gets read, the cell usage drops dramatically. Using a short range cell jammer during exams is not unreasonable. In my opinion a professor has a duty to do everything in his/her power to prevent cheating on an exam.

Given the recent drone attack on the Venezuelan president and the high profile mailbomb terrorist attacks in the United States, a new counter-drone jamming device to be utilized at large outdoor events by law enforcement without raising public concern was recently developed.There are also students expressing different opinions. Xiaoding, a senior student, thinks that it is better for the school to increase the resources of teachers than to pay for the equipment. “In addition, the installation of a signal shield is a distrust of students. If you really want to play with your phone, this device won’t stop you. He felt it was unnecessary for the school to install a signal shield.