Signal jammer must emit the same band as the target signal

Silok is the latest in a long line of radio-frequency-jamming systems that the Russian military has deployed since the Cold War in order to block enemy communications, including the radio links that allow the operators to control drones — and drones to send back video and other intelligence data.The district had looked into the possibility of buying a jammer because it was struggling with inappropriate student mobile phone usage. One of the school board members said:

I don’t think they have a place in the educational environment. The educational environment is supposed to be about students learning and teachers teaching and teachers can’t teach over a cell phone. If a student is busy on the cell phone they aren’t learning. It’s a distraction … and we need to minimize the distraction.Andrew said, “after I pushed the button, she went on for about 30 seconds, and then realized that the signal was cut off.” Andrew said his first reaction was to feel “free” when he first realized he could cut off other people’s cell phone signals.

Wu tianyi, an associate professor at suzhou university’s education college, said education aims to promote the implementation of education targets. “Playing with mobile phones and playing games in class can seriously damage education targets, and the installation of mobile phone cell phone blocker in the classroom can put an end to such behavior and get education back on track. I am personally very supportive of it.” Student is not, he argues, with full capacity for civil conduct, now the school assumes the role of guardian, in order to safeguard the fundamental interests of the students, can make the students to a certain part of the right to temporarily suspended.

Now almost every student in a school own their cell phones. What’s worse, cell phones have become many students’ “weapon” against their teachers. Most students are found using their cell phones to surf on the internet during a lecture; many students tend to listen to music or play video games in classroom; it frequently happens that a sudden cell phone ring during a classroom lecture often arouses distractions; or even worse that some students make use of cell phones to help them cheat in an exam…. It has been reported that a new phenomenon “cyber bullying” refers to that students electronically torment others via text messaging and social networks, when they should be paying attention to lectures.

In order to disrupt the satellite signal, a signal jammer must be operating within the same beam as the signaling drone, explained Butler. While this was easy when beams span entire continents, it is much more difficult when the jammer must be within the exact 600 miles of the same spot-beam as the drone.