The function of the jammer is increasing, but the shape is smaller and smaller

The rapid proliferation of consumer drones poses a security threat. Portable drone jammers are being used to combat rogue consumer drones. Their shortcomings can be offset by deploying them together with other counter-drone systems.Signal jamming drones are equipped with radio-electronic warfare systems and have been in use by Russia for around two years. Since first being released their range has improved from around 20 miles (32 km) up to 60 (100 km).

A mobile network jammer is not only meant for the office but can be used in the home too. In the presence of this device, you needn’t have to switch off your phone. Whether you are in a bad mood or concentrating on an important work or just want to relax, all this is possible just by turning on the mobile networking device.

“The classroom is equipped with a gps jammer. Another student, surnamed wang, questioned the installation of the signal shield. “Although the child takes mobile phone to school, but always very conscious, we also very trust him.” Wang said that although there is a teacher’s contact information, but still want to be able to contact the child directly.

Andrew, a San Francisco architect, boarded the train and sat next to a woman in her 20s. Because the woman along the way has been holding a mobile phone in the chatter, therefore, Andrew decided to be a “mobile phone vigilantes” – he put his hand into his shirt pocket, according to the size of a cigarette case inside the button in the mobile phone signal jammer. As a result, a powerful radio signal from the jammer is enough to cut all cell phone signals within a radius of nine meters.

Within the adjacent middle school students to tell a reporter, at 10 PM every day half pipe teacher after the name of these jammer to begin to work, the students of mobile phone have no signal, emergency call function can’t use, it was not until the next day morning QiBaDian recovery.Many users are not like the ones mentioned above who want to be quiet in the car. From business institutions, schools, hospitals to Banks, even police agencies, there is demand for mobile jammers, and demand is growing because there are more and more things to do. A company in the United States is said to have invented a device that can interfere with camera functions.