The theoretical shielding range of mobile phone jammers is about 0-20 meters in radius

Not only that, but the lasers could also be used to jam the electro-optical reconnaissance systems of military drones like the U.S. predator reaper. This kind of laser weapon can be used for anti-reconnaissance in military. It can cause full-screen interference, deep saturation interference and physical damage to the optical camera of uas within a range of tens of kilometers. This point, may be other domestic clearance system does not have the function.

If the aircraft is using its radar (not a separate jamming emitter) in an offensive EW manner, which in all likelyhood it will be given the AN/APG-81 has proven to be incredibly capable as an offensive jamming asset, then no. This is because the radar is a very high gain directional emitter, its beam is focused solely on the intended jamming target. The jamming target itself will obviously be severely hampered by the jamming effects as well.

Even if you check every box before downing a drone, there haven’t been enough court cases to know how this action would actually play out in court. According to one court argument dismissed without a ruling: jamming or downing a drone would only be legal if “…the harm inflicted  is not unreasonable as compared with the harm threatened.” So, even if you do down a drone, you can’t do so with undue or disproportional force, it would seem.

RFM technology has been increasingly used in ECM portable jammer systems to deny and/or deceive radar systems. As a result, modern radar systems have developed methods to quickly detect “synthetic” DRFM-generated signals and identify them as jamming signals rather than tracking them as valid targets.

First of all, we need to know: there is a theoretical shielding range of mobile phone jammers in the examination room, which is about 0-20 meters in radius. However, please note that this is a theoretical distance, and the actual effect should be combined with the local signal strength, especially if there is a signal base station nearby. If there is a signal base station within 200 meters, the shielding effect will be compromised.