Jammers are not treated differently

Remember when Venezuelan President nicolas maduro was hit by a drone bomb while attending a military memorial in Caracas on August 4? In fact, the use of civilian drones for strikes has not been uncommon in recent years, especially in Syria. Compared with traditional “low, slow and small” targets, this kind of uav has the characteristics of “lower, slower and smaller”. Conventional anti-aircraft missiles and artillery can do little to prevent collateral damage if they are caught flying over cities. However, an anti-uav laser exhibited by huanghu science and technology co., ltd. at the 12th zhuhai air show is in short order.

signal jammer devices basically emit the same radio frequency signals as cell phones. Because of the same frequency, the phone can’t tell which signal is the regular base station signal, thus achieving “interference”. As long as there is a machine with the same frequency as the phone, it makes a lot of “noise” when the base station tries to connect to the phone. You will find that the signal from the phone is unrecognized, so you will refuse to communicate with the phone.

The first Next Generation signal jammer Mid-Band (NGJ-MB) engineering development model pod delivered to the Navy is fit checked on an EA-18G Growler in September. The fit check verifies the pod securely attaches to the Growler in preparation for flight tests scheduled to begin later this year. Airborne Electronic Attack program office (PMA-234) is carrying out testing of the NGJ-MB. NGJ-MB is a high-capacity and power airborne electronic attack weapon system for the Growler designed to protect air forces by denying, degrading and disrupting threat radars and communication devices. (U.S. Navy photo)

Whatever the target of a GPS jammer, the devices do not discriminate, so there is usually additional collateral damage. Air Traffic Control (ATC), search and rescue operations, the electric grid and mobile phone services are all vulnerable to GPS jamming fallout. The London Stock Exchange has been subject to repeated GPS outages, affecting timestamping of financial transactions.

First of all, not all jamming techniques require “broadcasting” one’s location, deception jamming for instance involve mimicking the enemy radar transmissions (returns) with a slight alteration in either range or position data in such a manner that the jamming signals are almost indistinguishable from the original radar returns (from target).The aim of jamming is to prevent electromagnetic communication or at least to reduce communications to a sufficient extent to cause transmission and reception delays