jammers are slowly coming into view

In recent days, there have been various press reports of commuters using cell phone jammers to create a “quiet zone” on buses or trains. We warn consumers that it is against the law to use a GPS cell or jammer or any other type of device that blocks, jams or interferes with authorized communications, as well as to import, advertise, sell or ship such a device. The Enforcement Office has a zero tolerance policy in this area and will take strong action against offenders.

Car gps jammer are increasingly used by those who are concerned about their privacy. This set of people can range from truckers who don’t know what their bosses know about all aspects of their trip, citizens concerned about GPS tracking devices on their vehicles or ordinary people who don’t want the phone company to follow all movements by GPS Cellular phones activated.

If only the was as diligent and judicious in the pursuit of other interference problems in the radio frequency spectrum. A few that immediately come to mind; IBOC to adjacent analog channels, broadband on power line, electrical noise in the middle waveband, illegal two-way radio on RPU frequencies, etc. Of course, there is no money in these problems

Wasn’t it about to allow Lightsquared to install high-power 4G data transmitters everywhere, blocking GPS? I know they denied this plan after the public outcry over the loss of GPS by things like planes in flight, etc.

Hypothetically speaking, in a mobile operating environment while traveling the highway at 70 MPH with thousands of other vehicles, it would be the proverbial search for a needle in a pallet of hay. This would be especially true for a GPS locking device only, which would require very low power to block weak satellite signals. It presents an interesting problem for the secure cash execution office.

However, not all jamming devices are all small. After doing a Google search for GPS blockers, I notice that some of them are big buttons, with radiators and fans, capable of generating big signals on every cell phone, WiFi, 3 / 4G and GPS. These larger jamming devices would be very easy to locate and deactivate.