The shape of a portable jammer you never imagined

It’s the smallest portable WiFi jammer with rechargeable Li battery and built-in antenna. Super mini gadget size – so easy to take with when we’re outside.

The WiFI jammer operates two hours after full charge. So it has a car charger and a home charger for indoor and outdoor charging. If all is well, you can prepare a mobile power supply to make the gadget last longer.

The WiFi portable jammer has a disguised character – it looks like an unknown product, there is no word to say to introduce what the device does, do not mention the WiFi signal.Just simply mark ON and OFF to Turn it on and off.A Slightly bigger than a car remote control, designed for your pocket, of course, it’s smaller than your wallet – a secret way to protect your mobile device from unknown WiFi resources, unsafe and unclear.

WiFi 2.4G 2400-2500MHz, the radio frequency is the only target.Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless spy audio video cameras, wireless LAN card and other products operating on this frequency also blocked by professional signal jammer. device, you can adapt the way to protect your security, keep a clear signal environment, eliminate noise and pollute WiFi.

Very cheap price from US € 99.99, you can get the super mini size WiFi jammer. Of course, you will also receive good quality and good service.