High-power mobile 4G jammer with six antennas covering up to 50 meters

If you really need the use of equipment signal interference, because you are on some high-tech products (such as a mobile phone, GPS transmitter, wifi, Bluetooth, etc.) annoyed annoyance? If the process is preferably used by a signal blocker to help you achieve the goals.

Great power in this adjustable 3G 4G jammer by AC power adapter, suitable for use in a fixed location, if you need to get more useful information, and make decisions so as to low price to get a high quality product, then you can read the following examples of adjustable high power 3G 4G jammer, then you know the name of this great power adjustable mobile jammer is “adjustable powerful desktop mobile phone jammer and fan cooling “, and the following for details.

First, you will learn, this as an example for the design of high power mobile 4G jammer for six antennas, and to cut the signal CDMA GSM, DCS PCS 3G 4G, it is very powerful, because depending on the signal strength in places the masked range up to 50 meters.Therefore, due to two internal cooling fan units has been applied in this great power on the movable barrier device and are used as a cooling system, so that this high power office blocking signal can be maintained in good working conditions, and did not cause high temperature, because the purpose of this high power phone design of this barrier can easily reach 24/7 uninterrupted work of the target.

Besides the particularly welcome design, the high power jammer phone was used can be an adjustment button, to make it easier to use the adjustable the jammer. In this way, this high power adjustable 3G mobile blocking to let the people depending on the situation of their interference distance to determine and frequency band can be. For the meeting room, the office, home, churches, classrooms and on other occasions, the Powerful adjustable 3G mobile lock can be widely applied.