Portable jammers are used in more serious occasions

n an endless quest to have a good meal at the restaurant without having to constantly listen to “Beeeeep” and the two ends of the conversation on these damn walkie-talkie phones, I discovered that it was possible to buy portable jammer portable.

(I have nothing against people who use their usual cell phones, if they speak in a normal tone and do not cry with full lungs, but this damn continuous beep is as annoying as being bitten by mosquitoes and listen to the other end of the conversation which is usually turned around (REAL LOUD is simply unbearable).

Note: I am not asking for advice on how to do something illegally, but rather on how to do it legally … or even if I can do it legally.

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Radio transmitters and anything that can generate RF energy is regulated by the FCC to avoid interference with other frequencies and to not interfere with authorized and / or licensed use of the frequencies. That said, I don’t know if there is a specific regulation banning the devices as such, but nothing has yet been approved by the FCC for such public use.

The most interesting question is whether passive “interference” is allowed. I know that the local clubs, Sam’s Club and Lowes, act like natural cages in Faraday, but I wonder if there is anything in the federal code prohibiting the possible installation of a type of grounding barrier of the signal. I would like to think that private property rights outweigh the rights of cell phone users, but there have been so many things going against private owners lately, that I can’t help but ask me questions.

In recent years, terrorist attacks in Europe, especially in France, have multiplied. These are mainly remote-controlled bomb attacks. The degree of damage of the attack.