GPS jammer is used in various fields

the first GPS jammers must be applied in various fields, in particular in the car.

GPS jammers easily ordered from the Internet, privacy to keep others from tracking and other functions, only $ 33 at the lowest price online.

have called gps jammer is harmful to social security, and in some plants, these limited use of the product output, so that the Internet can easily buy, but the market flow for these products is not produced .

some people think these products are beneficial, should have the right to buy. For example, a VIP person can prevent these products from being illegally tracked.

transportation often uses GPS tracking devices to track deployment, while GPS jammers can prevent owners from monitoring their work.

the offender can interfere with vehicle theft tracking, foreign criminals with GPS irons can also interfere with product tracking.

Overall, since the GPS signal strength signal system is very weak, so part of the normal power device can take over the work of GPS jammers without increasing the power. Some important people who need to use such a jammer, to ensure absolute safety of their trip