Jammers in prisons are already the norm

Prison jammer is a cell interference and cell detection system. IJS 6000 is a smart cell system designed to block unauthorized phones while allowing authorized phones to run. With Prison Jammer, control can be managed through criminal communications in prisons, unauthorized calls in courts, military installations or specific environments where mobile phone activity must be managed. In the correctional community, it is called a prison jammer or prison jammer system.

Intelligent jamming systems are not just prison jammers. It can manually and automatically detect and block unauthorized phone use and / or phone activity in designated areas. The cell detector composition is used as a cell detection center and may be used as a managed access system or in combination with a series of cell interference components.

To control mobile phone activity in a given area, an established configuration is designed. This is equivalent to building a fence. However, instead of placing messages and fences on physical boundaries, communication control devices were deployed. Options can include hosted access capabilities where cellular communications can be allowed and denied based on operator authorization.

There are many other options to deploy cell phone 4G jammer equipment to many buildings or areas. These cellular interference units can deny access to a large number of separate buildings or complex corridors, conference rooms, many small offices and private rooms at any time.

These cellular jammers are permanently controlled by a central administrator who can authorize or prohibit cellular communications. These cellular jammers are connected via a CAN (controller area network) in a local area network and are managed by a central base station (CBS). Intelligent interference systems control everything from detection to alerting, when and where a single phone establishes communication to block calls.

IJS can be operated remotely using the ON / OFF switch. If the interference component of the mobile phone is located in a building or area away from the control unit, activation of the remote control may activate the cellular jammer remotely.

Users of intelligent jamming systems include prisons and detention centers to control criminal communications, as well as military bases, defense facilities, inside border control and through border control, and covert bodies in other areas.