The role of jammers on the battlefield is increasingly important

Recently, the National Broadcasting Corporation reported that the U.S. bombed Syria. According to the statements of four U.S. officials, the Russian military destroyed U.S. military drones performing combat missions in Syrian airspace, which severely affected U.S. military operations and caused a serious situation on both sides. stable.

Officials said that a few weeks ago, a series of chemical weapons attacks on civilians were allegedly launched in the armed opposition area of ​​East Guta, and Russians began to interfere with several small U.S. drones. Officials said the Russian military was annoyed that the U.S. military was worried that the U.S. forces would retaliate against the attack and began to interfere with the global positioning system used by drones operating in the area.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse responded to reports of intervention in Russia on Tuesday: “Russia wants to always undermine our interests.” Says “Those who think Russia is not the enemy are crazy.

Preventing or preventing drones from receiving signals from GPS satellites is not necessarily complicated, according to Dr. Todd Humphreys, director of the Radio Navigation Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin. “Most GPS drone receivers are vulnerable to interference,” he said.

Humphreys, a GPS shielding and interference expert, warns that this could have a significant impact on U.S. drones, causing them to malfunction or even crash. He said that if the drone reports an incorrect or missing location, “at least it will cause confusion for unattended ground operators.”

According to Dr. Humphries, four years ago, after the Crimean invasion, U.S. analysts first discovered that Russian troops were jamming drones in eastern Ukraine. These radar gps jammer “have had a significant impact on drones deployed by the United Nations to carry out surveillance missions in the area.” The crew stopped for several days and were unable to collect information by plane.

Pentagon spokesman U.S. Department of Defense spokesman Eric Paquin will be untenable if such interference could cause drone accidents, noting that U.S. military drones are currently operating safely. “The U.S. military has adequate countermeasures and protections to ensure the safety of our manned and unmanned aircraft, our forces and the missions they support.” However, an official confirmed that such interference had an impact on the United States in Syria Military operations have an impact.