20 online phone jammers snapped up

The U.S. telecommunications regulator, the Federal Communications Commission, has issued 20 enforcement actions against online suppliers in 20 states to illegally sell more than 200 device phones, GPS jammers, interference from Wi-Fi jammers, and comparable signals Blocking device.

“Our business should send a strong message to all signal-shielding retailers that we will not continue to violate many federal laws. Blockades pose a major threat to public safety and could have unintended consequences for customers and first responders, and even Dangerous, “said Michelle Allison, director of law enforcement.

As a result, the Bureau requires every online seller to take urgent action to stop selling signal gps jammer to customers in the United States and its regions. These steps may include transferring illegal signal jammers from online stores and potential customers outside the United States, and refusing to trade signal jammers or conducting any business transactions with US customers.

In addition, the Bureau ordered all illegal online retailers to provide data on signal jammer suppliers, distribution channels and sales information, including the manufacturers of all signal jammers. Online retailers are used as illegal websites in the country’s disruptor market. Corrective activities that the United States or its regions, and online retailers have or will be performing to comply with federal laws prohibiting the sale and sale of blocking devices.

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